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Wellness Remedies

Una Biologicals Wound Wonder Salve (2 oz)
Una Biologicals
Our organic herbal salve, Wound Wonder, is made from herbs traditionally used to heal your skin. At Una we use...
Una Biologicals Muscle Rub Salve (2 oz)
Una Biologicals
Ease Those Aches naturally with this warming herbal salve.This gently warming herbal salve is made with herbs to soothe sore...
Desert Creek Honey All Natural Raw Premium Honey Bee Pollen, 8 oz.
Desert Creek Honey
Great for allergy relief Pure, natural, and raw Harvested responsibly Most people who buy our pollen buy it to help...
Laritelle Organic Hormonal Balance Oil 1 oz Sale
Laritelle Organic Hormonal Balance Oil 1 oz
FIGHTS HORMONAL IMBALANCE & SUPPORTS ENDOCRINE SYSTEM. Promotes a well balanced hormone level and properly working immune system. Normalizes hormonal...
$49.99 $39.99
Una Biologicals Headache Relief
Una Biologicals
Peppermint and Lavender combine in this effective formula to help soothe tension, stress and sinus headaches. Simply roll the Headache Relief...
Una Biologicals Scar Salve (2 oz)
Una Biologicals
An organic herbal salve, Scar Salve is made with herbs and plant butters traditionally used to aid in softening and...
Una Biologicals Bruise Balm Salve (2 oz)
Una Biologicals
Our Bruise Balm is an organic herbal salve made with Arnica, an herb traditionally used to minimize bruising, swelling, and...
Eucalyptus (Organic)
Goddess of Spring
(Eucalyptus globulus)Country of Origin:  PortugalOil Quality:  Certified OrganicMethod of Extraction:  Steam-distilled from leavesOrganic Eucalyptus essential oil is refreshing and therapeutic...
Propolis Throat Spray Sale
Propolis Throat Spray
Beekeeper's Naturals
Beekeeper's Naturals premium natural bee propolis throat spray is made with propolis sustainably sourced from remote Canadian apiaries. This alcohol...
$13.99 $11.99
Una Biologicals Vapor Rub Salve (2 oz)
Una Biologicals
All natural herbal decongestant. Made with mullein, an herb that helps expel congestion in the lungs.This organic salve combines traditional...
Aromatherapy - Essential Oil - Diffuser Locket Necklace
Blue Vine Organics
Bring the benefits of aromatherapy everywhere you go with a beautiful diffuser locket necklace. Place a piece of fabric, wool, or...
Pranayums 30 Day Box Sale
Pranayums 30 Day Box
Pranayums is a daily super spice boost, inspired by Ayurveda Revitalizing single serve packets that are joyfully sweet (but not...
$32.99 $32.98
WinterWell™ Sale
Savesta LifeSciences
This potent blend of Andrographis and other Ayurvedic herbs supports the health of the immune and respiratory systems throughout the...
$21.95 $16.95