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Chakra Complete Set of 9 Essential Oils ~ 15 ml

Essential Oils

Chakra Complete Set of 9 Essential Oils ~ 15 ml

Essential Oils


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The Chakras

"I want you to know that I have been using the third eye and earth chakra oils quite consistently when I do my reiki on myself and my family and friends and they are AMAZING! For my own meditation they relax and open and connect me so much deeper than when I do it without them. Holy moly girlie! Amazing! Yes you can have that as my testimonial as a Reiki Master and committed oil user. Yours are truly exceptional-- I've tried many and know the difference!"

Want a smaller set of the 5 ml bottles? Click here.

Want the Chakra Charts pictured above with the oils? Click here, and here.

Your body runs on energy and the Chakras are the main energy centers on your body. These energetic Chakras affect your emotional, spiritual, and physical health and control your quality of life. Ancient Chinese Medicine tells us that by balancing the Chakras you can have better emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

One of the most powerful ways to balance the energy in the Chakras is to use these highly energetic Chakra oils. Each Chakra oil was carefully formulated to have the same energy as it's corresponding healthy functioning Chakra. Using the Chakra oils from Purify Skin Therapy can help to balance and restore the energy to your Chakras.

Our Chakra oils now come with a complete set of semi-precious Chakra gemstones! Semiprecious gemstones have powerful energy to aid in balancing your Chakras. We're including in your order a full set of 9 semi-precious gemstones that correlate and align with the chakras. These are SMALL chips of the gemstones so that if you like, you can put them right IN your Chakra essential oil bottles to even further power these amazing oils. Refer to the pictures to see the approximate size and colors of the gemstones. The gemstones may slightly vary from the picture, as there are several gemstones you can use for each chakra, but you will get a complete set of 9 semi-precious gemstones with each Chakra oil pack.

For a more complete energetic treatment use all 9 of the Chakra oils to balance all 9 major Chakras of the body. You may have used Chakra oils before, but you have never experienced anything like the Chakra oils by Purify Skin Therapy. Powerful, Pure, Potent, they will change the way you think about energetic Chakra oils! Want more information on how to use these powerful CHAKRA oils? Watch the FREE webinar here.

Purify Skin Therapy's Chakra oils are UNDILUTED, 100% pure essential oils. Some essential oil companies sell Chakra oils for around the same price but they dilute their chakra oils to 10% in a carrier oil. You can dilute these powerful pure Chakra oils yourself in a good carrier oil (available here), but that means with Purify Skin Therapy you are getting 10 times more, pure essential oils for the same price!

The Earth Star Chakra is found 12 inches below the soles of your feet. It powerfully brings us the energy from our Mother Earth and grounds us. It is a strong sense of home and earth energy. The Earth Star Chakra Oil from Purify Skin Therapy has this powerful earth and home energy, so energizing and restorative to the Earth Star Chakra. 

The Root Chakra is the Chakra that "roots" you to earth energy. It is grounding and supporting. All the basic necessities to live (your right for nourishment, your right to warmth and shelter, your right to be loved, your right to belong) reside in the root chakra. The Root Chakra also governs over the Elimination System. 

The Sacral Chakra is your center for pleasure, emotions, relationships, and joy! This is your body's fluidity and happiness. Creativity, play, sexuality, and enjoyment of life come from this energy center. The Sacral Chakra also governs over the Urinary and Reproductive Systems. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra is your body's power center. It controls your body's energy, power, and will. This is your body's fiery source of power and strength. Your desire and your will manifest here. The Solar Plexus Chakra also governs over the Digestive System.

The Heart Chakra is the center for love, compassion, forgiveness, and openness. This chakra helps you connect to people, and love and cherish people and relationships. The Heart Chakra also governs over the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems.

The Throat Chakra is the center for communication, speech, and your power to express yourself. It is your voice and your ability to express your opinions peacefully and powerfully. The Throat Chakra also governs over the Respiratory System.

The Third Eye Chakra is the center to see things and to see things clearly. Your 6th sense, your intuition reigns here. The Third Eye Chakra also governs over the Limbic or Emotional System.

The Crown Chakra is your connection to Divinity. Your connection to your Powerful Creator. The Crown Chakra is intense high-frequency energy that connects you to your higher power and the Universe.

The Soul Star Chakra is also known as "The Seat of the Soul". It is where your soul connects to your physical body. It is a powerful connection between metaphysical and physical matter.

Please Note: The Chakra oils smell very different on the skin than they do smelling them right out of the bottle. To experience these oils fully smell them after applied to the skin.

Our oils are sourced by our founder, who is an experienced, professional Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and an Internationally Registered Aromatherapist. She hand selects and evaluates every one of Purify Skin Therapy’s oils from our certified organic & wildcrafted sources in over 30 countries around the world. We only work with small pristine and artisan farms and distilleries whose commitment to clean, organic, sustainable crops matches our own high standards.


Every batch of oil is personally evaluated by our Certified Clinical Aromatherapist using optical, touch, taste, organoleptic, and GC/MS lab analysis. Our Certified Aromatherapist has been trained to evaluate and select only the highest quality, purest, potent, and most effective essential oils Mother Earth has to offer.

This is our quality promise to you: Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are the highest quality, suitable for clinical use, ideal for recreational use, potent, powerful, and completely free of any adulterants, toxins, heavy metals, fillers, extenders, or enhancers.

These are not the lower grade non-organic cheap oils you use to clean your house. These are the pristine, food grade, certified organic, and wildcrafted essential oils you want to use in and on your body, for your children, your pets, and in your home.

Purify Skin Therapy is your source for superior quality certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils.


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