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Geranium & Co Soap

Bar Soap - Cold Processed

Geranium & Co Soap

Bar Soap - Cold Processed


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Acne, Blemishes, Oily Skin Oh My! Congested skin, who doesn’t have this once in their life? Yes, congestion might be a part of exposure to pollution, or using alcohol and petroleum based products which I hope you are not doing.

geranium leaf
Pelargonium capitatum
lemon peel
Citrus limonum
Rosmarinus officinalis
basil leaf
Basil Leaf
Ocimum basilicum

Your skin just needs a boost and Geranium & Co soap is going to give just that!

This is a synergistic soap formulated for acne galore and really anyone who wants to maintain blemish free skin.

Geranium essential oil helps restore balance making it easier to maintain skin. Bring your oil production back into balance, and experience less breakouts with this soap.

The scent is quite uplifting with a touch of rosemary. Rosemary and Lemon play an important role in this soap, they are both cleansing, antiseptic, and bring down inflamed skin. Lemon softens skin, it’s also detoxifying and disinfecting which may be great for those acne breakouts you’ve already picked. Did I mention Geranium & Co soap was loaded with antibacterial properties? You’ve really got an army working for you here. Basil is the next helper and will help tone and eradicate acne. It really has no mercy. Speed up healing? No problem! The healing component here is thanks to again Rosemary and Lemon. Some additional properties that may be available with this soap include: an improvement in circulation, and anti-microbial properties.

Can I use this soap if I have oily skin?
The answer is YES.

Because this soap balances out the skin and its pH, its great for oily skin. Acne is sometimes a result of “blocked” pores and blocked pores are a result of washing the face or body with again harsh chemicals, alcohol, or petroleum based products. Our Geranium & Co will give your skin the push it needs back into the right direction.

All of our soaps are moisturizing and made with natural and organic oils. I am sure you are questioning, won’t these oils block my pores? No, they wont. The natural plant oils in our soap will help gently moisturize your skin and the added citrus essential oils will help balance your sebum. This group of oil works wonders together, like a team, you could say.

It’s your part now, gently exfoliate your face or body with Geranium & Co, lather well, rinse off and let nature do the rest!

So now that we are done gently cleansing our skin and fighting acne one battle at a time, Cocoa Butter comes and leaves your skin moisturized and calm so those scars can start to heal.

Geranium essential oil has been known to rid acne, help with circulation, and calm irritated skin. Conditions skin with an old cocoa butter recipe.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Saponified Oils of Sustainable Coconut, Olive, RSPO Certified Palm and Organic Cocoa Butter, Rose Geranium, Lemon, Rosemary, Basil, Organic Lavender, Frankincense


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