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Jake's Famous Awesome Carolina Dry Rub

Sugar Free BBQ Rub

Jake's Famous Awesome Carolina Dry Rub

Sugar Free BBQ Rub

$7.49 $ 7.99
$7.49 $ 7.99

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About this product

INTRODUCING!! Jake's Famous (SFR) Sugar Free Awesome Carolina Dry Rub, an intoxicating rich blend of Hungarian Paprika, stone ground mustard, kosher salt, garlic, onions, turmeric and parsley with hints of traditional hickory smoke. Artisan crafted and perfected for the avid boomer (or non-boomer) consciously seeking richer flavors that maintain a low glycemic/diabetic (sugar) index without sacrificing daily key nutrients. This Dry Rub contains ZERO "0" Sugar and is instead ALL flavor.


5 Features that make this Rub Better

1. This rub will deliver the same or similar flavor of a sauce without overpowering the flavor of the meat?

2. This rub is made with all natural ingredients and does not use MSG or other artificial ingredients and will impart flavor while complementing the existing taste of the meat.

3. The rub produces a wonderfully rich flavor that leaves the meat with a golden to reddish tint which of course is excellent for Salmon, slow grilled ribs, Chicken, Chops and more.

4. The rub is in powder form and can be sprinkled or spooned onto meat.

5. The rub is easy and convenient to use saving time. Sprinkle on and let rest for about 45 minutes to an hour the grill on medium to medium high heat at about 225 degrees.


This dry spice rub is great at adding a pinch of flavor to every day chicken meals, sauteed potatoes and onions, baby back ribs or to perk up scrambled eggs. Simmer with rice, green peppers and tomatoes or coat generously on grilled pork or prawns. Enhance the flavor of beef, chicken, fish, or your very own barbecue sauce and salsa creations.


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