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Laritelle Organic Hair Growth Treatment Sensual Bliss 4 oz

hair loss treatment

Laritelle Organic Hair Growth Treatment Sensual Bliss 4 oz

hair loss treatment

$47.99 $ 49.99
$47.99 $ 49.99

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About this product

  • PREVENTS HAIR LOSS & PROMOTES NEW HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH. Softens hair, nourishes the hair-shaft, revitalizes and rejuvenates hair follicles, heals various scalp conditions. Strengthens & protects the hair. Antioxidants-rich raw and organic pumpkin, camellia, castor, sesame, perilla, grape, broccoli and pomegranate seed oils made from seeds that have been cold pressed to retain maximum benefits for hair follicles, organic Rosemary, Palmarosa, Thyme & West Indian Bay help to promote hair growth, stimulate the scalp and the roots. Clary Sage strengthens the hair on the cellular level, prevents premature hair loss, balances scalp oils, adds luster and shine.
  • MADE WITH 100% PURE, HIGHEST QUALITY, CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Our ingredients are sourced from distributors who sell oils extracted/distilled from plants that have not been sprayed or treated with any chemicals.
  • EARTH FRIENDLY, SAFE AND NON-TOXIC. NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS USED - Contains NO sulfates, alcohol, parabens, gluten, phthalates. GMO-free. Vegan. Not tested on animals. Packaged in recyclable amber glass bottles.
  • EXTRA KIND & GENTLE to your scalp and hair. Nourishing for all hair types. Safe for color-treated hair.
  • HAND POURED WITH LOVE AND EXTRA CARE. Balances & supports 2nd chakra. Proudly made in California, USA.

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil helps to improve hair growth, strengthen strands while adding shine and is especially good in combating moisture loss. Due to its high vitamin and mineral content Pumpkin Seed Oil is considered extremely nourishing and contributes to increased scalp health and hair appearance. Great antioxidant, rich in vitamins A, B, D & E, minerals, and proteins (which is very rare among oils) it has over 60% of unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Pumpkin Seed Oil has effect on testosterone and androgen, contributing to its DHT (Dihydrotestosterone ) inhibiting activity which plays an important role in hair loss.

Nutrition-packed Organic Camellia Seed Oil has wonderful conditioning and moisturizing properties and has been used as a hair conditioner for centuries. It leaves hair silky smooth without the greasy feeling while adding weightless shine. Promotes hair growth, heals various scalp conditions, blocks out pollutants and harmful UV rays.

Organic Perilla seeds are cold pressed to produce an oil rich in vitamins and amino acids. Approximately 60% of the oil is omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). The high ALA content helps the skin and hair retain moisture while treating scalp disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Organic Perilla Seed Oil is known to have antiseptic properties contributing further to its healing abilities.

Organic Jojoba contains vitamins and minerals, balances sebum production, provides moisture, weightless shine and luster while protecting hair shaft. Filled with powerful antioxidants improving color retention and maintaining the health and integrity of hair. Mitigates the damage from both coloring and heat processes. Treats eczema, psoriasis and inflammatory conditions of the scalp.

Organic Grape Seed Oil is an important source of antioxidants (most notably vitamin E) and minerals, nutrients that trap free radicals generated by the skin lipids. Has natural anti-inflammatory properties to make it a useful treatment for scalp conditions such as psoriasis. The high contents of Omega-6 fatty acids can further assist with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. High levels of Linoleic acid make it an excellent moisturizer and hair follicles fuel. Adds luster to the hair. Tames the frizz. Great restorative for dyed / bleached / tinted hair. Helps to relieve and slowly eliminate dandruff problems. Protects the hair from harsh environmental conditions, sealing in the hairs natural moisture. Reduces itching and trans-epidermal water loss. Helps the skin retain the normal structure of epithelium cells and nerve cells via supporting the cell membranes.

Organic Gotu Kola (Brahmi) helps to thicken the strands while strengthening the roots and promoting hair growth. Prevents split ends if applied till the hair end, prevents dandruff if massaged into the scalp regularly.

Highly nourishing cold-pressed Organic Broccoli Seed Oil is unique and composed of approximately 50% Erucic acid (Omega-9 fatty acid), component that imparts a distinctive shine to the hair beyond that which is given by other plant oils, and has been informally referred to as a 'natural' dimethicone. Its excellent anti-oxidant profile adds to cuticle smoothing of the hair while preventing oxidation resulting in a natural shine normally achieved by the use of chemical additives in conventional hair care products. An effective hydrating oil. Assists in hair regeneration and overall health.

Exceptionally nutritious, packed with antioxidants as well as Punicic and Ellagic acids (well-known and effective anti-aging agents) Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, which makes it useful in treating such scalp conditions as dandruff, psoriasis, and other conditions arising from irritants and environmental pollutants. Adds luster and sheen.

Healing and hydrating Organic Marula Oil contains 60% more antioxidants than argan oil. Being rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins E and C, and minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper) as well as flavonoids, it leaves a satin finish on the hair, sealing, coating, and smoothing hair cuticle (the outermost layer of your strands) for frizz-free, gorgeous-looking locks.

Organic Rosemary helps to promote hair growth, stimulates the scalp and the roots.

Organic Clary Sage boosts hair growth, strengthens the hair on the cellular level, prevents premature hair loss, balances scalp oils, adds luster and shine.

Organic Palmarosa moisturizes, stimulates cell regeneration, encourages elasticity and regulates the production of sebum.

Organic West Indian Bay Leaves essential oil restores and stimulates hair growth while treating dandruff. Moroccan Thyme stimulates circulation, fights hair loss.

Organic Ylang Ylang balances sebum production, stimulates hair growth, adds shine.

The result: strong, healthy & beautiful hair with no toxic chemicals used whatsoever (nor poured into the Earth)

Safe for color-treated hair. Contains no harmful sulfates, alcohol, parabens, gluten nor phthalates. Cruelty-free.

Balances & supports 2nd chakra.

Packaged in recyclable amber glass dropper bottles.

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