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Wound Repair ~ Blend of 100% Pure Premium Grade, Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils ~ 15 ml

Essential Oils

Wound Repair ~ Blend of 100% Pure Premium Grade, Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils ~ 15 ml

Essential Oils


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About this product

Wound Repair Blend

Our Certified Aromatherapist has made several custom blends for discerning customers over the years, and this is one of those. Once you hear about this blend, you may want it too.

If there was a blend of the best essential oils for wounds of all kinds....from scratches and road rash to cuts, burns, and open wounds...A blend that is extremely healing and repairing, cell regenerating (to help the wound heal) and disinfecting....this is that blend.

Look at the essential oils we use in this blend:

1. organic Roman Chamomile (a $72.95 oil) One of the Saxons Nine sacred herbs used for healing wounds

2. wildcrafted Frankincense (a $59.95 oil) Used for millennia to disinfect and heal wounds

3. organic Bulgarian Blue Yarrow (a $60.00 oil) Used anciently to heal battle wounds

4. wildcrafted Myrrh (a $49.95 oil) Used for millennia to heal wounds that won't heal

5. organic Balsam Fir - Used by the Native American Indians to heal wounds

6. organic French Lavender - Well known for its ability to heal burns and wounds

7. organic Tea Tree - Carried by the Australian soldiers in their first aid kits for it's disinfecting and healing qualities

This blend is a lovely blue color (due to the Bulgarian yarrow in it), and you'll want to have this oil blend on hand for when those wounds come along. This blend may also be good for rashes and burns.

We care that you are able to use this blend effectively and safely, so we will include a full sheet of instructions with the purchase of this oil. It includes what the blend is formulated for, dilution, different methods of application, and the most common uses of this essential oil blend. These instructions will help you know how to use this blend for best results.

Here are some before and after pictures of people who used Wound Repair blend on their wounds: CAUTION some of these are graphic.

TIP: The hand in the second picture is whitish because she did not use a carrier oil with the Wound Repair blend and it was drying on her skin. If you add just a carrier oil to it when you apply it, it won't dry out your skin like this.





Our oils are sourced by our founder, who is an experienced, professional Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and an Internationally Registered Aromatherapist. She hand selects and evaluates every one of Purify Skin Therapy’s oils from our certified organic & wildcrafted sources in over 30 countries around the world. We only work with small pristine and artisan farms and distilleries whose commitment to clean, organic, sustainable crops matches our own high standards.


Every batch of oil is personally evaluated by our Certified Clinical Aromatherapist using optical, touch, taste, organoleptic, and GC/MS lab analysis. Our Certified Aromatherapist has been trained to evaluate and select only the highest quality, purest, potent, and most effective essential oils Mother Earth has to offer.

This is our quality promise to you: Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are the highest quality, suitable for clinical use, ideal for recreational use, potent, powerful, and completely free of any adulterants, toxins, heavy metals, fillers, extenders, or enhancers.

These are not the lower grade non-organic cheap oils you use to clean your house. These are the pristine, food grade, certified organic, and wildcrafted essential oils you want to use in and on your body, for your children, your pets, and in your home.

Purify Skin Therapy is your source for superior quality certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils.


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